We are Student consultants in Stockholm!

The history of the ‘‘Marketing Academy’’

Marknadsakademien was established by Ola Fuerst and Stig G Johansson in 1991 as a graduate program at Stockholm Business School. Since then, the student association has changed continuously. Today, Marknadsakademien operates autonomously and is governed by its student members.
Even if we are a marketing academy, we work mainly as student consultancy firm. We propose ourselves as the bridge between the academic world and the practical business world.

What student consultants do?

As the well-established consultancy companies, we hire just top talented students, and we charge clients a fee for gaining access to this talent. We mainly work with companies that operate in the Stockholm county, inasmuch we just have student studying at the Stockholm business school, the Stockholm Universitet or the Stockholm School of Economics.
We mainly work with companies, helping them to solve business cases. Even if our name translates in marketing academy, our preparation is not only in marketing, but we recruit students from different business backgrounds, because consultancy’ s service it always requires a wide preparation which is not always focused just on marketing.

What is our value added as a consultancy company?

We give a singular and innovative approach to problem solving. Our resources for make this happen, come directly from our international and high motivated team of students.
Marketing and business in general are always in continuous changing, we as student consultancy ensure to provide just the last and most innovative approach.

Why should you become a student consultant?

Get the possibility to meet new students, enlarge your network, learn more about marketing and visit different companies each semester! Marknadsakademien will boost your curriculum, will give you practical experience and will let you have fun meanwhile. As a student association, we organise many internal and external events for our members: company visits, lectures, team building workshop and networking with outsider.
To learn more about our internal organisational structure click here.

Our Values


Passion. We are marketers at heart, seeking every opportunity to develop our skills.

Excellence. Membership is limited to highly motivated master’s students with a proven aptitude for the discipline.

Innovation. A changing world favours creative solutions to problems and demands original thinking.

Community. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of cooperation and mutual respect, understanding that the best ideas originate from strong teams.

International. Our members are from all over the world. We value our cultural diversity as our strongest asset.


Our Team

Marknadsakademien currently has 7 board members and 12 members divided in 3 committees. To learn more about our organisational structure click here


Board Members


Olivia lannegren

Chairman of the Board



Caroline Harvey



Davide Ma.png

Davide Guarracino

Vice Chairman of the Board


Antonio tortorici

Deputy of the Board



Melina Karlsson

Head of Business Committee


Yudheever .jpeg

Yudhveer Singh

Head of Networking Committee


Beatrice Georgiana

Beatrice Georgiana

Head of Branding & PR Committee


Business Committee Members

networking Committee Members

Branding & PR Committee Members