Start Your Journey With Us

Marknadsakademien is open to all masters students at Stockholm Business School with a strong interest in marketing. We take applications at the beginning of each semester. Further information will be published here during recruitment phases. Marknadsakademien is a unique committment during which members pass through two stages.

The First Stage

New members will join one of our three committees and practice their skills in their area of interest. Participation in the committees is mandatory, but is built upon the willingness to improve and let the association grow. Regardless of their committee, all members get the chance to join our company visits, lectures, and events and can apply for case assignments.

The Business World Committee

The role of the Business World Committee is to engage in a close relationship to Swedish and international businesses and companies. Main tasks are to keep good relations with business partners, arrange case studies and keep the alumni network involved in current happenings. For further information, please contact Soham Kale.

The Education Committee

The Education Committee shapes the learning experience of our members. To gain insights into how marketing professionals work, the committee arranges company visits, guest lectures, and workshops. Their goal is to enhance and improve the quality of our education. For further information, please contact Mira Henningsson.

The Branding and PR Committee

The Branding and PR Committee is our marketing department which also maintains our social network and relationships. The committee is responsible for any external communication including our website, social media, graphic profile and brand. The committee also organizes all internal and external events. For further information, please contact Valérie Aeschbach Karpova.

The Second Stage

Marknadsakademien is operated independently by the students. In their second semester, members get the opportunity to apply for board positions and lead the association for one term. This is an invaluable chance to practice leadership skills and to influence the future of Marknadsakademien. Members who do not wish to be involved in the board can continue their committee work.

Join Us If You Want To

  • Visit companies in the industry, network with practitioners and make business contacts
  • Work on case assignments provided by companies of various sizes and industries
  • Attend lectures held by marketing practitioners, providing in-depth insights
  • Participate in various events with the opportunity to meet Marknadsakademien alumni and key persons from the industry
  • Participate in one of our committees that fits your personal profile and interests
  • Be part of a group of like-minded students and form valuable bonds within the association
  • Train your leadership skills and determine the future of the association as member of the board