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A talk with Olivia Flowers

Last week we interviewed Olivia Flowers, a former member of Marknadsakademien, who now is an employee at Happy Socks. She gave us some suggestions on how to ace the job recruiting process, shared favorite memories from the academy, and explained how the academy boosted her career.

Olivia is 25 and she moved from Chicago to conduct her masters in Marketing at Stockholm Universitet in 2016. She joined Marknadsakademien for two semesters as part of the business world committee, after which she became the Committee head. Now she finished her studies and is working full-time at Happy Socks as a Partner Marketing Associate.

Hi Olivia! How did you end up at Happy Socks? Did Marknadsakademien help you through this journey?

Olivia: Actually, I found this opportunity through LinkedIn. Nowadays recruiters use mainly this tool to find new candidates. Marknadsakademien helped me indirectly. If you don’t have enough experience and you go directly from the bachelor program to the master program, you lose possible work experience. My time in MA gave me practical experiences which helped me in the interview process provide examples of leadership and teamwork that would make me a good candidate for the role. Practical experience from companies, business cases and company visits are familiarities that the university does not provide itself.

Well, you relate this to practical experience, keep talking about that, what was the best opportunity that MA gave you? Did it come with a project or with other kind of events?

Olivia: The best experience from MA is related to a group business case we conducted for Scandia during the summer. It was interesting because it gave me the possibility of gaining work experience. It was really cool to see that in their advertisement they really applied what we researched for them - I felt like I was part of that! Obviously, I used that experience for my CV too.

The second experience is related to the fact that in MA I had the opportunity to work with international people. This is something that not everybody can frequently do.

Is there something you would like to say to current MA students? Do you have any suggestions on how they can exploit their time at MA the most?

Olivia: Well, have fun! We all know that when we grow up it becomes more difficult to meet new people. MA is a fantastic place to make friends for life and to socialize. But if I need to think about a practical suggestion, I would say: ‘’Always bring a bunch of business cards to company visits!!’’. Visiting companies is inspirational and provides you insight on how companies really work.

Apart from that, they are excellent opportunities to learn how to sell yourself and to enlarge your network. Visiting companies give you the possibility of personally meeting recruiters or other HR employees. If you are able to make a good first impression, then the recruitment process may be faster.

Other suggestion is to build up your  LinkedIn, increase your network and learn how to use it effectively. Maybe an educational event over this subject would be practical for you guys at MA.

And now let’s move to the fun stuff...What was the best or funniest memory you had in the MA? Do you still have friends from Marknadsakademien?

Olivia: We went for a cruise when I was in MA and that was super fun. We went to the Åland Islands, where we partied all the time and I shared good memories with my friends.

Nowadays most of the guys that were in MA with me moved back to their countries, but obviously, we are still in good relationships. We usually keep in touch and sometimes they even come and visit me in Stockholm and it is always a pleasure.

Author - Antonio Tortorici

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