To become a part of Marknadsakademien you have to apply at the beginning of each semester.

Parts of the association
The association is operated independently by the students and is therefore an important part of the connection between theory and practice. The association is divided into four integrated and active committees. Participation in the committees is mandatory, but is built upon the willingness to improve and let the Academy grow.

The Branding and PR Committee
The Branding and PR committee is our marketing department which also focuses on extending our social network. The committee is responsible for the webpage, social media, the graphic profile and brand concerns, and also organizing internal and external events. For further information, please contact Wanda Zois.

The Business World Committee
The role of this committee is to engage in a close relationship to Swedish and international businesses and companies. Main tasks are to keep good relations with business partners, arrange case studies and keep the alumni network involved in current happenings. For further information, please contact Olivia Flowers.

The Education Committee
The Education committee works for a better connection of how marketing is used in practice. The committee arranges business events, workshops and guest lectures among other things. They work for a improved quality of the education. For further information, please contact Elena Barcaru.