Prime Intro

Marknadsakademien was invited to Prime and United Minds Intro event and got to learn more about the different roles and opportunities within the marketing communication and PR industry. The Prime Group is an award-winning communications agency that provided us with interesting insights of the different creative tasks that their employees are managing. Thank you Prime and United Minds for inviting us! Prime Intro 2016 2

Now accepting applications for the new semester!

We are now accepting applications for the new semester! If you want to become a member of Marketing Academy, read the application rules below:  

The deadline to send in your application is on 9th of September at midnight. For your application you will need:

  • A CV
  • A cover letter
  • A written assignment (maximum one page)

The application should be written in English.

The assignment will give you the opportunity to show how you think about marketing. Try to be as creative as possible!

You should not send in your application until all the components are complete. Applications should then be send to If you have any questions, please use the same e-mail address.


Written assignment:

A global photo and video sharing application (Company A) recently released an update allowing customers to share brief moments in the form of temporary videos and pictures. This new function is strikingly similar to another form of social media (Company B), which allows users to post brief videos and photos that disappear shortly after being viewed.

Company A currently has 300 million daily users compared to Company B, which has 150 million daily users. Your task is to develop a strategy for Company A to gain greater traction in the market space created by Company B: temporary video and photo sharing. Please complete this task in one page or less.


Good luck!

Back to school...

The summer is coming to its end and the new school year is about to start cheap cialis canada. We hope you had a great summer full of memories, happy moments and SUN because guess what…winter is coming.


And even though the temperature has fallen the last days here in Stockholm, we are more than happy to announce our new recruitment period. Marknadsakademien is ready to welcome the new students of Stockholm Business School and invite them to become its new members. More information about us and where you can apply is coming soon. Follow us on our social media and stay tuned…!

Marketing Academy turns 25!

On the lucky Friday, May 13th Marketing Academy celebrated its 25th anniversary, in the company of both current and old members. The evening started with speeches made by the current members, followed by a three-course dinner, and a mingle among old and new members. This amazing evening was a perfect chance to mingle with old friends and recall all the accomplishments MA has achieved in the course of over two decades. Both current and old members shared their personal stories with everyone, explaining how they benefited from Marketing Academy and why they appreciate the organization.  





We hope for 25 more, equally successful and exciting years!

Company lecture with Incluso

A few days ago Marketing Academy got a visit from Marianne from Incluso, a start-up contributing to a greater ethnical diversity within the Swedish job market. As the name suggests, Incluso makes sure that individuals from different countries and with various backgrounds are included in the job market, and that their international experiences are appreciated. incluso

Marianne shared with us her tips on what to include in a CV, how to write an intriguing cover letter, as well as how to behave during a job interview in Sweden. Since most of us have an international background, we find all the advice really useful.

Thank you, Incluso!

Company lecture with Sustainable Brand Insight

Today Marketing Academy met the managing director of Sustainable Brand Insight, the insight agency behind the biggest sustainable brand index of companies. The index ranks companies perceived as the most and the least sustainable in their practices.sustainability

Together we discussed marketing research behind their work, as well as sustainablity, and how one can measure sustainability of a company.

Thank you for teaching us more about sustainability, SB Insight!

Marketing Academy celebrates its 25th anniversary!

This year Marketing Academy is celebrating its 25th anniversary. During the last two decades marketing students from Stockholm Business School had a chance to work with real-life cases, build up their professional networks and gain practical experiences. Now it’s time to celebrate this great anniversary, together with Marketing Academy alumni and marketing professionals from different industries. sustainability

Are you an old Marketing Academy member? Would you like to mingle with the newest members by a glass of wine? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us at: We are looking forward to celebrate together with you!