Now accepting applications for the new semester!

We are now accepting applications for the new semester! If you want to become a member of Marketing Academy, read the application rules below:  

The deadline to send in your application is on 9th of September at midnight. For your application you will need:

  • A CV
  • A cover letter
  • A written assignment (maximum one page)

The application should be written in English.

The assignment will give you the opportunity to show how you think about marketing. Try to be as creative as possible!

You should not send in your application until all the components are complete. Applications should then be send to If you have any questions, please use the same e-mail address.


Written assignment:

A global photo and video sharing application (Company A) recently released an update allowing customers to share brief moments in the form of temporary videos and pictures. This new function is strikingly similar to another form of social media (Company B), which allows users to post brief videos and photos that disappear shortly after being viewed.

Company A currently has 300 million daily users compared to Company B, which has 150 million daily users. Your task is to develop a strategy for Company A to gain greater traction in the market space created by Company B: temporary video and photo sharing. Please complete this task in one page or less.


Good luck!