We are the Student Consultants of Today

A limited number of highly ambitious students with an interest in consultancy from Stockholm Business School have the opportunity to join Marknadsakademien each semester. It is a one-year experience where the students get practical education and experience, to complement their theoretical skills. This is done through company visits and lectures where representatives from the industry teach us the trends and share useful tools. These skills are then applied on problem solving cases for companies where the students provide the companies with their creative thinking and knowledge.

Collaborate With Us

There are three main ways in which we collaborate with businesses and professionals. Learn more about how you can work with Marknadsakademien. 


We tackle different issues such as market research, customer analytics, and profiling. Our goal is to find creative solutions to company problems.

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We arrange guest lectures to educate ourselves and gain new insights. Guest lectures can cover any marketing related topic from how to solve a case to ethics and values.

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Company Visits

Company visits provide us with valuable opportunities to encounter real working environments and learn more about the company itself.

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Our Portfolio

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